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Ambrosia House
from 200 EUR / sqm
wood house
Finally, your dream has a price without competition... starting from 200 EUR/sqm without reducing the quality of materials.



Habitat Bois is a mixed company, romanian-french. Our main activity is represented by the manufacturing of wooden homes, chalets and vacation homes. Our headquarters is in IASI - Romania. The company holds a factory with 2 production units.

Wooden homes, wooden chalets, wooden houses       Wooden homes, wooden chalets, wooden houses       Wooden homes, wooden chalets, wooden houses

We sell our products in France, Luxembourg, Italy and Romania.
Involved in the ecological concept, the Habitat Bois group developes products that are environmental friendly.

Habitat Bois knows how to interpret your dreams, and more, we know how to conceive and realize an unique home, your own. The dream will become, if you can imagine, with the help of the Habitat Bois team, careful to your demands, a wooden home integrated in the environment, warm, comfortable and at an unbeateble price.

Finally, your dream has an unbeatable price... starting from 200 EUR/sqm without reducing the quality of the materials.

Why the habitat Bois prices are so competitive?
We work directly through our own production unit and design office, facts that allow us to reduce costs by cutting out intermediary costs.

Passive houses are buildings that ensure a comfortable indoor climate in summer and winter without using a conventional heating or cooling. The term house "passive" was chosen primarily because the use "passive" ambient energy and internal sources of heat sufficient to maintain the building in a pleasant indoor temperature throughout the year. The passive house standards thus offer an interesting way to minimize the energy demand of new buildings, thus meeting the goal of sustainability while improving occupant comfort. On this basis, it is possible to satisfy the remaining demand for energy only from renewable energy sources. The two main principles of a passive house are:
1. Optimize the basic conditions;
2. Minimize losses.
Ecological house with wooden structure in kit
wooden house in kit
We conceive our wooden homes to correspond every region's construction planning.

An attractive approach...
Self building
self building wooden home
This solution offers to the owner the chance to participate actively in building their own home and make substantial savings.

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